Ancillaries plug and Play Solution


E-Travel Platform

E-Travel Platform

E-Travel Platform

E-Travel Platform

E-Travel Platform Front-End

A state of the art e-travel platform developed and serving 24+ legacy and low-cost carriers over the last 10 years

Holiday Website

Our solution provides Airlines with a fully-responsive, SEO-compliant holiday website and agent portal, enabling them to manage content through an advanced Content Management System, and up-sell a wide variety of ancillary products and services.

Using our Holiday website solution and agent portal, airlines will be able to upsell ancillary products and services, and maximize their revenue opportunity.

Your passenger and travel agents can benefit from our wide variety of travel inventory.

Connected to e-travel platform to offer
  • Hotels
  • Car Rentals
  • Ground Transport
  • Tours & Attractions
  • Travel Insurance
  • On-board Ancillaries
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    Mobile Application

    To ensure customer engagement and passenger journey management, our solution includes a native mobile application developed for your Holiday brand to up-sell ancillary products and services.

  • Flight Reservation
  • Manage Flight bookings and check-in
  • Manage profile and preferences
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Social media
  • Mobile payment
  • Smart push notifications
  • Location based services
  • Destinations information
  • E-Travel Platform Back-End


    Our platform allows airlines to easily publish content and create featured travel packages, custom offerings. Additionally, you can manage carousel images and marketing banners on your holiday website.


    APPS provides a functional back office that handles the core components required to run a successful e-travel business. This module was developed through 10 years of customer feedback and quality assurance.

  • Airline Profile Management
  • Booking Management
  • Agents Management
  • Payment Management
  • API Setup
  • Reporting
  • Mark-ups Management

    Being NDC Compliant, we provide Airlines with the required API that connects to the Airline PSS, as well as to the on-line travel players and the Airline Sales Network (B2C, B2B) as well allow the exchange of information with the IATA and capability to settle payments through the IATA Financial Gateway.

    Middleware NDC Compliant API Plugin
    Integration with
  • Airline Passenger Service System (PSS)
  • Internet Booking Engine (IBE)
  • Dynamic Packaging Engine (DPE)
  • All the Airline's Sales Channels (B2B, B2C)
  • Capability to load additional Airline and travel ancillaries for upselling
    Capability to integrate with IATA to allow settlement through IATA Financial Gateway (IFG) Payment Method
    Allow Payments through top-up, CC or IFG


    Dynamic Packaging is the game changer and most important tool for airlines to compete with all travel players. it is proven along years that passengers tend to look for flight availability first.

    On the other hand travel suppliers, specially hotels has allowed low prices to be bundled which helps both parties mask their special prices without harming their other sales arrangements.

    Our Dynamic packaging Engine DPE is developed to browse, select and bundle pre-assigned exclusive rates of flights and travel products while masking their itemized pricing to produce a competitive package / bundle to the Airline passenger in a dynamic process; dynamically packaged products is then offered through all sales channels (B2C, B2B).

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    Our Platform offers a unique CRM Module that plays a vital role within multiple facets such as passenger profiling, marketing dynamics, communication with passengers through their journey, passenger call center, travel, analysis.

    Based on impressive data collection and compilation techniques the CRM sets all departments on the forefront of decision making and passenger service and plays a vital role to impress the passenger and gain his loyalty.

    Marketing now can build on passengers’ touch points and offer the right message or product at the right time at the right price.

  • Passenger data compilation from all Channels
  • Build passenger profile
  • Provide compiled data to all departments
  • Provide communication tools, automated messaging, during the passenger journey
  • Payment Facilitation

    Our platform provides a comprehensive solution that enable our clients to seamlessly facilitate payments from all Sales’ points and make payments to all travel suppliers using a recognized payment gateway.

    On the back-end Platform provides functionality management of debits, credits, reporting, sales commissions, tax and currency management as well can handle payments through top-up, credit cards as well as integration with the IATA Financial Gateway under the NDC program.

  • Payment Facilitation from all Sales points
  • Payment Facilitation to Suppliers
  • Enable Management of Debit / Credit
  • Enable Management of Sales Commission
  • Financial Reporting
  • Link to payment gateways allowing splitting options
  • Currency and Tax Management
  • Integration with the IATA Financial Gateway
  • NDC Compliant
  • Integration to the Passenger Service System (PSS)

    Our system fully integrates with the most prominent Airline Passenger Service Systems (PSS), this integration works in tandem with our dynamic packaging engine and enables us to implement API functionality for your fare distribution. This enables us to fetch and manage PNR data to upsell ancillary services.

    Integration to Sales Network

    APPS can fully integrate with your airline’s sales network, enabling you to manage your sales channels financially and operationally. This covers Travel Agents, GSA’s, Call Centers and more.

  • Create Agent Portals
  • Manage Agents' policies and permissions independently
  • Booking and Payment Facilitation to all Sales Channels
  • Financial Reporting
  • Aggregation for Lowest Price

    Our cloud-based solution acquires instant pricing and details from all major travel suppliers around the world. This allows us to find the best pricing for every product, including pre-assigned exclusive rates of flights and travel products.

    One of the major hurdles overcame by industry standards was mapping hotels using GIATA support, nevertheless Our Platform has developed a proprietary room mapping functionality to assure price aggregation that second to none.

    End Result, Best Online Price Guaranteed


    Our platform employs a tailored mechanism that can integrate with many airline’s loyalty program. This encourages passengers to engage with your program, accumulate points, and redeem airline rewards.


    Our solution provides seamless management to your Business online and offline.

    Our easy-to use solution provides Extranet portal to load Airline and Travel ancillaries manually or through an API integration. .

    E-Travel Platform Commercialization

    You will acquire a pre-negotiated deals with global suppliers based on a buying power of 300 million passengers


    Our solution allows our client Airlines to access a comprehensive global inventory of powerful Suppliers.

    We have a readily pre-negotiated and contracted commercial deals with global suppliers allowing us to Guarantee "Best Price Online" This status was achieved based on our platform partner optimum buying power for the current 24+ Client Airlines carrying over 320 Million passenger per annum.

    This dimension differentiate our Commercialized Platform from normal Technical Platforms

  • Negotiated deals with almost all established bed banks, whole salers, DMC's and OTA's
  • Car Rentals, Tours and Attractions, Ground Transfers, and Travel insurance from direct channels, aggregators and worldwide suppliers

    One of the main hurdles for airlines to set-up a low cost e-travel business is the amount of contracts with suppliers coupled with the required financial guarantees and financial management that cripples the airline to set-up an e-travel business.

    Our Solution introduces the one contract, one guarantee concept as part of the plug and play commercialized platform.

    Our solution covers all securities and financial guarantees to contracted suppliers as well as all collection and payment management. Guarantees cover the Airline envisioned passenger volume to ensure product and service uptime and timely delivery.

    As an additional service Our Solution can also manage payments with the Airline sales network including deposit setup, settlement, incentives, reporting.


    Our solution provides to the Airline a dedicated travel development team with intensive travel knowledge to develop products and services and ensure that all major destinations are covered with competent contracted travel products and hosted on the Platform.

    E-Travel Platform Management

    Solution management makes all the difference between $1.5 and $32 per carried passenger

    Digital Marketing

    We develop and optimize a bespoke online user experience and digital marketing activities for your holiday customers.

    Our solution provides to the Airline a dedicated marketing team with intensive travel knowledge to develop and manage the following:

    Passenger and destination profiling
    Social media content creation, advertising and moderation
    Media Planning
    Video Production
    Search Engine Marketing and Optimization
    Manage and maintaining digital activities on Holiday Arm website as well as mobile app
    Social media campaigns performance reporting
    Manage communication through the passenger journey through emails, sms, browser and mobile app

    Supplier Call Center

    Our Supplier Call Center agents are available round-the-clock to ensure that all travel bookings are confirmed and delivered to your passenger. The talented and multi-lingual team will also make sure that delivery problems are handled timely and professionally.


    Our Solution provides a Passenger Call Center available 24/7 serviced by agents trained with the art of solid customer satisfaction.

    The Call Center support passengers with their new and existing bookings whether flight ancillaries, travel services and bundled packages as well as handling upselling and emergencies.

    Support over Voice, Live Chat and Email
    Passenger booking assistance and management
    Upselling travel products to passengers
    Multilingual support


    To ensure sales optimizations and maximize financial performance over the short, medium and long term, our solution deploys a dedicated Agent Management Team for all your sales offices and GSAs to incentivize and make effective use of potential travel sales opportunities.

    Sales offices and Agencies will be encouraged to sell flight tickets, hotel bookings, insurance, car rentals and other travel products as independent items or bundle them as personalized packages.

    Incentive scheme setup
    Payment collection and incentive Settlement
    On-line and offline training and support
    Quality Control

    Platform Management

    Apps fully manages the e-travel platform on behalf of the airline releasing the airline from monetary investment and required man power.

    The end result, a specialized team of industry leaders in the travel and ancillary sector, maximizing your reach, conversion and thus, net profit.

    Payment Management

    Apps fully manages all payment related activities from the sales network all the way to suppliers, including guarantees to hotels and service providers. Ensuring an incentivized sales network and a seamless service delivery to your passengers.

    Mobile Application Management

    Apps fully manages the mobile solution to maintain effective booking cycles, easier purchasing habits, marketing campaign communication, managing the passenger journey, and finally, app retention and passenger loyalty.

    What will the airline get

  • A Holiday Website connected to the travel platform with millions of options
  • Lowest price online - guaranteed based on 10 years, 30+ Airlines and 300 Million passengers
  • Payment guarantees in place with service providers
  • Net and transparent rates on your back office with full mark-up control
  • Modern booking engine linked to your GDS / PSS & all suppliers to package deals dynamically in milliseconds
  • A Travel Development Team: Dedicated for your operation, passengers and routes requirements
  • A Digital Marketing Team: With campaigns targeting your passenger audience in their own regions
  • On-board ancillaries consulting to enhance your service offering and selling techniques to passengers
  • A Sky Mall to sell duty and non-duty-free products with delivery at airport or home
  • A modern mobile application with location-based pushed services at destination to enhance passenger loyalty
  • A 24/7 multilingual service delivery confirmation center to ensure service fulfilment
  • A 24/7 multilingual travel contact center to support the passenger and cross sell available travel services